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Embark on a transformative journey that goes beyond the classic adventure experience… 

Develop unparalleled confidence to travel anywhere in the world

Elevate Personal Development

These experiences foster resilience and ignite innovative life approaches to nurture your personal growth alongside professional development.

Have fun and meet amazing people

Travelling is a balm for the soul… Adventuring with like-minded folks is something else! Jump off ideas together and discover a world of possibilities you didn’t know existed.

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Experience the Arctic Winter Expedition for Yourself...

Gain the Tools to Boost Your Confidence To Venture Anywhere in the World

We employ the very best staff with an exceptional combination of professional experience in the field to offer you safe & immensely fun experiences that they will be talking about for years to come. 

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Friday 5th -Thursday 11th April 2024

Price: £1,850 inc flights

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Our Accreditations and Memberships

In Safe & Expert Hands

World-class Team

Including Experienced Expedition Leaders and survival specialists


The Council for Learning Outside the Classroom (CLOtC)


All our staff are fully DBS Checked


Remote First Aid by Qualified Professionals

Fully Inspected

Full Member of the Expedition Providers Association

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Bespoke Travel Insurance with battleface to cover all your expeditions

Survival Training

We teach survival and wilderness training around the World

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Epic adventures with meaningful personal development

Friday 5th -Thursday 11th April 2024

Why Choose Polaris Outdoor?

World-class Practitioners - Senior Leaders in Their Fields and Qualified Teachers Too!

Embark on a journey with our exceptional team, and you’ll gain the skills to explore any corner of the earth, connecting with people and places while acquiring a wealth of knowledge along the way.

The transformative life experiences offered by a Polaris adventure are not just memorable; they are life-changing, fostering strength and adaptability in a dynamically evolving world.

At Polaris Outdoor, we go beyond guiding; we immerse you in knowledge. Our leaders don’t just lead; they coach, empowering you to thrive in diverse environments.

Join us, and learn to navigate confidently and excel in any setting.

Our expeditions, courses, and activities serve as powerful training grounds, shaping individuals in various aspects of life—be it leadership, personal well-being, overcoming mental and physical challenges, and much more!



We Simplify the Process

All you need is your personal kit and a can do attitude

"Fuerat aestu carentem habentia spectent tonitrua mutastis locavit liberioris."
- Adam Sendler

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Everest Camp Trek

Fuerat aestu carentem habentia spectent tonitrua mutastis locavit liberioris inistra possedit.

Walking Holidays

Fuerat aestu carentem habentia spectent tonitrua mutastis locavit liberioris inistra possedit.

get ready to embark on
the adventure of a lifetime!


"The Arctic expedition is pure magic. The peace and tranquillity combined with ‘out of this world’ views and survival skills really sets this trip apart”

Date: Fri 5th – Thurs 11th April 2024

Duration: 7 Days, 6 nights

Price: £1,850 Incl. flights from Heathrow

The Experience

The Arctic is a truly magical place. There is a peace and excitement in the air here that is felt nowhere else. 

On this trip you will learn how to survive and thrive in Arctic conditions. 

We will work with you to develop resilience, self-confidence, leadership and teamwork skills to the highest of standards. 

Experience a huge range of activities : including building igloos and snow caves, and managing husky dog teams; and if you are lucky, get to see the incredible northern lights! 

Plus take part in career and personal development discussions around the campfire at night. Along with sharing some awesome adventure stories to inspire your next adventure.

Course Content

  • Cross-country skiing
  • Snow shoeing trips into the peaceful wild backcountry
  • Tracking animals
  • Husky dog sledding
  • Planning and leading expeditions
  • Safely building and sleeping in snow shelter
  • Navigating in white out conditions through dense forests and across tundra-like environments
  • Establishing arctic expedition base camps
  • Conducting search and rescue operations
  • Developing arctic first aid skills
  • Optional Extra – Go snow mobiling! EURO 240pp

Our Professional & Caring Team

Lead by Matthew Barnsley. BSc (Hons), QTS, IML
Director and Founder | Secondary School Teacher



Director and Founder
Expedition Leader

About Me

Mat, Director and founder of Polaris Outdoor, is an experienced exploration geologist, specialising in remote, desert, high altitude mountain, jungle and arctic environments; working with the Natural History Museum Lima, the Bear Grylls production team, and has taken archaeological and paleontological digs to a number of regions around the world making ground breaking new discoveries with experts and students. Mat is also an experienced secondary school teacher, achieving senior leadership level. He has trained staff and principles, implemented new curriculums, and created outdoor education departments for schools.



Senior Instructor &

About Me

Abbi specialises in working with young people with specific educational, behavioural and mental difficulties. She is one of the most experienced expedition leaders in the business, summiting (amongst many peaks) Mt Kilimanjaro 18 times! She has also done sailing and yacht racing, sky diving, mountain walking and is a bushcraft and ski instructor. She is an advanced first aid instructor which allows her to create the safest environments possible for working outdoors. If you want safety and experience in the field it doesn’t get much better than Abbi.



Senior Instructor &
Arctic Specialist

About Me

Ian has been an expedition leader for a Naval Unit based in Portsmouth. He has led expeditions all over the world honing his skills in the harshest of environments, including being asked to join Sir Ranulph Fiennes on the 1st ever attempt to cross the Antarctic Continent in winter. Ian is one of only 5 people in history to ever have attempted this feat!

He is also a hugely experienced Sea kayak and stand up paddle board coach. Ian makes everything easy because he has been to the extreme of hard.

You can hang out with Ian at Vertical Blue.



International Instructor &
Remote Specialist

About Me

Naz specialises in everything remote, and has great expertise in the tropical places of the world. He has worked with Bear Grylls, Prince William and Kate Middleton, Gordon Ramsey, Sir David Attenborough, National Geographic, the Discovery Channel and Polaris Outdoor.

He has set up some of the longest and highest rope ways, zip lines and industrial roping projects on the planet!

Naz made a world record recently by climbing the currently highest recorded tropical tree in the world in 2018, and works with Mat in remote jungles.



Senior Instructor
& Office Manager

About Me

Hannah is a fully qualified teacher and bushcraft instructor, with experience of teaching all ages. She is dedicated to helping others discover and learn to love our natural world, and provides opportunities for curiosity in her sessions. She trained with John Rhyder and was invited back to work with him at Woodcraft School, a great honour which gave her a solid understanding of a diverse range of wood lore.

“From an early age I enjoyed the freedoms to run wild and play naturally. Rivers and lakes, mountains and hills, woodlands and countryside, all play a big part in my life.”

She loves archery, wild foods, taking thinking walks, watching the dancing flames and glowing embers, crafting beautiful things from natural materials and growing things in her allotment.

Hannah is also behind the scenes keeping things organised and you can ask her for assistance with all stages of your experiences with Polaris Outdoor – there are no silly questions!




About Me

David has led expeditions to Peru and managed construction projects to build water towers for indigenous people in the jungle. He is a strong and able practitioner in all aspects of outdoor education and pursuits, from UK based winter walking and camp-craft to international expeditions, and jungle survival. He has travelled much and experienced many of the harder places of societies and human habitations. With this experience he can teach people how to look for dangers whilst outdoors, then mitigate them to stay safe and secure: whilst also increasing individual confidence and competence.



Senior Instructor &
Archery Specialist

About Me

Josh is a native to the Forests of Southern England, whose fascination with the natural world began early. After years of training, with the likes of the Woodcraft School and others, he has developed a career in outdoor and environmental education.

Josh is a mountain leader, bushcraft and wilderness survival instructor, international expedition leader, paddle sport leader and instructor of traditional archery. Whether in the ancient woodlands of the South or the mountains of Peru, Josh applies a naturalist’s focus to his teaching.

Spend some time with Josh and you won’t just learn from an outstanding teacher and outdoorsman, you will grow a passion for the outdoors and everything about it.



Senior Instructor
& Craftsman

About Me

Charlie has been working with us since leaving school. He’s been both participant and leader on both our Arctic Winter and the Borneo Survival Expeditions.

He lived and trained in South Africa for a year where he became an instructor at the Outward Bound international School of South Africa. He is a rock climbing, abseiling, kayaking, canoeing and safari instructor and a natural leader.

Charlie is also a self trained blacksmith and an experienced carpenter. His excellent teaching skill and calm manner often has him training and teaching the teachers on our camps and expeditions.

“If ever you find yourself in survival situation, a Polaris instructor is who you would want with you. Be safe in the knowledge that they could not only handle anything coming your way, but could provide you with the skills to survive.”



Instructor &
Mental Health Professional

About Me

Sam is an experienced outdoorsman and a trained psychotherapist who has experience working with both young people and adults who face difficulties with their mental health. One of his passions is promoting the therapeutic benefits of spending time outdoors in the wild which is free and available to all. Sam’s understanding of psychological development and therapeutic approaches helps him teach people in the context of their own lives.

“Our individual personal well-being and mental health is of great importance. As an experienced psychotherapist I can help change peoples perspectives and lives through the courses and incredible expeditions offered by Polaris Outdoor. Its a real joy to see people develop and change for the better.”


Senior Instructor

About Me

Shane is one of the youngest people to ever pass the John Ryder NCFE Level 4, the most prestigious qualifications in outdoor survival and bushcraft. This year long course is usually completed by people many years his senior. Shane has been to the Arctic and helped lead humanitarian expeditions to Borneo which included remote desert island survival.

Shane is a testimony to the skill of this team, and is an inspiration to people both young and old because of his exceptionally high skill level and teaching ability.


Instructor &
Mental Health Professional

About Me

Francesca has a BSc in Quality Management, a BSc in Psychology, an MSc in Psychology; a PGCE in
Post compulsory Education. Is a Mental Health First Aider (MHFA), a Diploma, Advanced Diploma
and Integrative Advanced Diploma in CBT/REBT.

Francesca works with people to impart tools and techniques to enable better mental, emotional,
and physical function in their lives

Francesca is an exceptional communicator. She has the ability to listen and understand complex
needs and is able to communicate on a multiplicity of levels to a range of individuals of all ages. She
has a great deal of reading and education on how to understand people at differing stages of their
development and can pinpoint areas where people should focus to bring out the good in themselves
and help others around them.

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